Majestic Black

Majestic Black

Although Hashmi Kajal is being used for centuries, we need to realise that for most parts of the East it is a necessity for daily grooming, whereas, for the West, it is an appendage for nights out and exotic looks. If you're from the Middle East, or South East Asia, you wouldn't be caught dead without kajal adorning your eyes.

Location: Bangkok
Photography: Shehbaz Shezi
Makeup: Luzaina Hullus
Coordinated by: Aura Art Coordination
Model: Tanish
Agency Brand Repositioning: Grow Online

The repositioning of the brand showcases just these qualities.

Given these factors, Hashmi Kajal recently underwent an image overhaul. Since the products already feature premium quality ingredients, the focus was on uplifting and elevating the brand's image and perception from one of necessity to that of luxury.

Hashmi Kajal is used by the most prominent of makeup artists, actors, celebrities, politicians and people from all walks of life. Which is why we decided to reposition it as a luxurious necessity, with a price tag that does not sit heavy on any pocket. This has been the core focus of the rebranding process; Hashmi Kajal is not just a casual product that has been used and dismissed by women for centuries. It is a force to be reckoned with amongst the eye makeup products available to generations of women from all walks of life. It holds the status of a legacy that has been passed down from one familial generation to the next.

Keeping these actualities under consideration, Hashmi Kajal's image has been altered, whereas the product has been enhanced further to be fashion forward, beauty savvy and an affordably luxurious. This is the motto Hashmi aims to adhere to while moving forward.